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Ideas about Beach Themed Centerpieces for Weddings

Beach wedding theme is the choice of many people because of its peaceful and entertaining environment. Beach theme is very simple to apply only you have to concentrate on the decoration of the party because it is the fact that the adornment style gives the real look of the wedding theme. In this way beach themed centerpieces for weddings are most important and you must focus on this. The beach decoration items are neither difficult to prepare nor buy its up to you that what you decide according to the time availability and budget. Beach themed wedding reception, table decoration, bridal attire and the wedding favors require such items which may portrait the actual marriage idea.

beach themed centerpieces for weddings

You have unlimited ideas for beach themed centerpieces for weddings such as sandy centerpieces, shells, starfishes, beach glass and fish bowls etc. Let’s prepare a centerpiece by the help of the sand, a large candle, some small candles and a water pot. Take pot and put sand in it then place a large candle in the center of the pot and small candles around the large candle. Now fill the pot with water till the middle surface and use as a centerpiece. Definitely your guests will enjoy seeing your creativity and artistic nature. Here you can add flower petals to improve the beauty, scatter petals around your prepared decoration piece.

beach themed centerpieces for weddings 1

Make some garnishing item for beach themed wedding shower and you can suggest a pretty fish bowl as the most charming wedding shower. Take a normal size fishbowl and fill with water till three-fourth of the bowl.  Place a nosegay in it having colorful flower and it will give the floating look. Now take a large size tray and put the fishbowl in the center and sprinkle artificial starfish around it. The centerpiece is ready to present.  If you are very emotional for your wedding and want to design different and snazzy adorning item there are many ways.

beach themed centerpieces for weddings 2

The combination of beach glass and shells create admiring appearance therefore take some beach glasses in different colors and place on a silver tray. Fill beach glasses with sea shells and place small lantern in it. Enlighten lantern and put on every table, you have completed your table decoration. If you want to décor reception use watery items such as big star fish and put on the sky blue base to give the real look of beach environment.

beach themed centerpieces for weddings 3

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