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Ideal wedding theme decorations

Decoration is the part of life, we decorate our food, our dress and ourselves too to get marvelous look. Similarly wedding theme decorations are considered compulsory for a marriage event. The ideas for making your occasion more beautiful must be well organized. There are many themes which can be use in any wedding such as the use of flower in different style. You can write the name of bridal couple by the three types of flowers. First of all write with red rose, then use jasmine on it and the last layer would be of only buds and the kind may be of your choice. After completing this, use glitter and in the last spray a best perfume and the whole environment will become charming and romantic.

wedding theme decorations

Wedding theme decorations may also be done by the addition of peacock in a marriage event.  The colors used in this theme are green, blue with the touch of gold, silver and white. The whole wedding arrangement is done in the peacock design and you can use all colors present on a peacock. Even you can add pink, yellow, red, purples and lavender in the peacock theme to give the real impact.  There is not any restriction or limitations to use other themes in it therefore you can add vintage theme or the traditional theme to maximize the look of the party.

Ideal wedding theme decorations

What can you do more for the peacock wedding themes? You are directed to use peacock feathers at a corner of the invitation card and tie with silk ribbon as a great wedding theme decorations. It will give marvelous and creative look to the invitation and everyone will praise of your art work. For the decoration of table used in a wedding may be garnished with the single long peacock feather by putting in a vase with different flowers and you will notice that you have designed the party in a gorgeous manner that is highlighting loveliness and artistic approach.

peacock wedding themes

To give the final touch of peacock wedding theme decorations, put on shoes prepared with the peacock inspiration but the shoes will be longer and you have completed the peacock theme in your marriage. You can purchase the bouquet having only peacock feather instead of traditional flowers.  You can enhance the beauty of the event by a simple idea that is to bring a pair of decorative peacock birds and put in the starting of the wedding venue.

peacock wedding theme decorations

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