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Icy Tropical Themed Weddings

You always need something cool, refreshing and icy for summer weddings however there are many themes which are exclusively made for summers like seashell wedding theme, palm wedding theme, tiffany blue wedding theme whereas beach themed weddings are used most for summers however I say that tropical themed weddings come at the top of all these wedding themes but I do not know why people keep on rushing to all other themes skipping this theme because in a tropical wedding you can merge all these wedding themes and practice one and only wedding which can rule all other summer weddings which are being practiced the most.

tropical themed weddings 1

The colors for tropical themed weddings are blue, white and green whereas using orange can do great you can merge different shades of blue. The dark blue color can give the essence of dark deep sea whereas blue color can give the look of the seashore water. White color is the sand whereas orange and yellow colors give the taste of sunlight on the beach. These all colors can merge into one making your wedding a perfect tropical wedding theme.

tropical themed weddings

There are best wedding themes available related to summers and beaches but in tropical themed weddings, you can go all juicy and fruity because you just cannot skip on the taste of pineapple and coconut. You can use whole pineapples in your wedding and make pineapple trees however using natural pineapples will not be sufficient so go for using artificial decoration pieces but you can still go for using the material which gives the natural feel and look however spray the fragrance of pineapple on the decoration pieces to make it feel more natural. Hang monkeys on the decoration pieces which can be palm trees, pineapple trees and other beach baskets but don’t add real monkeys in your wedding because they are too naughty to ruin everything however cage them at one side if you can and that would be great.

tropical themed weddings

The tropical bride can wear a white colored dress but embellish your bride with artificial fruits as accessories and if you don’t want to go a lot funky go for wearing the crown of fresh flowers whereas groom can stick flowers to his pocket. The beach flower girls normally go for wearing the shades of blue but your girls can experiment with the shades of orange and yellow and trust me they will shine brighter and look  more playful and beautiful than the blue flower girls.

tropical themed weddings 3

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