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How to Style A Denim Shirt

A denim shirt is a timeless piece that never seems to go out of style. Although it has been around for centuries, a lot of women still have questions about it (specifically about what to wear with a denim shirt). Luckily enough, girls talk has got your back.

In this article you will be presented a wide array of ways to wear a denim shirt or denim in general and for sure you will get some ideas that you will be able to implement in your everyday life.

Here is a help how to style it.

1 - Denim on denim

In case you are asking how to wear denim on denim for sure you have heard before that this is a major no-no. However, the truth is that you can have denim on denim under the right circumstances. Thekey is for the shirt and the pants to be of different washes. If they have the same wash your look might become monotonous and dull so you need something to play it up with. The secret is that the stronger the contrast between them, the better. For instance you could rock pair of light blue skinny jeans with a dark blue shirt or vice versa.

2 - Wear it like a jacket

The women looking for ways to wear a denim shirt ought to remember that these pieces are considered to be neutral in the fashion world. This means that you can wear almost anything with them. Besides this, they are also multi-purpose. As a result, you can wear your denim shirt as a light jacket on cool summer days. For instance you may match a white tank top with a black shortsand throw in a denim jacket to make sure that you won’t be cold. Optionally you could have a pendant necklace as well to spice your look up abit.

3 - Mix and match but make sure you the patterns onyour pants matches

One of the most important questions that women have regarding wearing denim shirts is what pants do you wear with denim? As it has been mentioned before, this is a neutral piece, do you can wear almost any kind of pants. You can wear shorts, skinny jeans, or tights, but one of the most fashionable pieces is the printed trousers. This is a combination that you simply can not go wrong with. Just think about a simple denim shirt matches with a pair of blacktrousers with blue floral prints.

4 - Denim with a maxi skirt

There are some pieces that women simply can not imagine when it comes to what to wear with a shirt and one of these pieces is the maxi skirt. This has been a fashionable item for quite some time now and you should really use it in order to show off your casual side. Wear your shirt with the sleeves rolled up and with a knot at your waist. In order to achieve the perfect effect, you should mix it with a pastel colored maxi skirt, such as bright green. Although the combination looks fabulous, this is suitable only for the women who don't mind showing off their abdomen.

5 - Leather over denim

The truth is that the answer to the question how to wear a denim shirt isn't always obvious. Besides the traditional ways there aresome bolder and more daring ones that may suit you perfectly. For a wilder look you might be interested in mixing the shirt with a black leather skirt. If you have a slim body and you feel bold enough, choose a fitted skirt; otherwise you could go for the pleated ones as well. In order to finish your outfit you could wear a pair of ballet flats, but to achieve a more daring look, opt for ankle boots.

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