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How to Select Perfect Shade of Green Bridesmaid Dresses

Being a bridesmaid is a really tough task. Handling all the hectic work for the wedding, arranging the bachelorette party and trips, helping the bride in so many ways and finally arranging so many things for the wedding day is just not-so-easy type of job. If your best friend, or sister is planning to hold a lawn-wedding; especially in summer, then you might need to dress up accordingly for the nuptials. For a lawn-wedding, green bridesmaid dresses would be the best choice to match the environment. Here are some useful tips for a wedding with a green theme.

How to pick the perfect shade of green bridesmaid dresses is a big question anyway. Not all the greens are perfect choice for a bridesmaid dress, or party dress anyway. Some shades of green should be strictly avoided. These shades include army-green, bright green, chartreuse or harlequin. Also, it is better to avoid greens that are more inclined towards yellowish shades like spring-bud, or lime color. If the marriage is a lawn wedding, then perfect shades of green for the bridesmaid dresses are forest-green, emerald green, jungle-green or lime green. There is a big difference between lime and lime green colors. So do not get confused between them. It is better to use a color guide before telling the color to your designer or ordering online. Sometimes the colors that are shown in pictures differ from the original color in contrast and brightness because of photographic lights being used. Be very cautious with the shades.

With a soft shade of green bridesmaid dresses, you can try some white flowers in bouquet. Jewelry with green emeralds will suit the dresses nicely. With bright makeup and a short green bridesmaid dress, you will appear as a perfect part of the lawn-marriage. Different shades of green in a dress can also be used for a multi shade touch. The bride can also carry a green shaded or leafy bouquet to give herself the best possible match to the wedding place.

Green appears as one of the best choices for both spring and autumn weddings. Bright shades of green will match the beauty of the spring. However, rusty or dark shades will be a perfect choice for an autumn-seasoned wedding for sure. For a peacock themed wedding, some bluish green shades can be used to enhance the peacock shades along with the traditional green color. No matter what you wear, how you wear it always matters.

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