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How To Put Together A Smart Casual Dress Code Outfit

Smart casual dress code is typically the proper dress code for nearly all professional occasions and is also known as a form of a business casual code. The purpose of smart casual dress is to make you look well put together and professional, but in a slightly more relaxed environment.

Let us understand better the basic guidelines for smart casual dress code. Clothing worn to dance clubs, the gym, the beach and sporting events are not considered smart casual attire. Those that reveal the chest, back, stomach or undergarments are not suitable smart casual attire. Clothes that display sports team logos, clothing brands or offensive language or pictures are also not smart casual attire. Clothing should be clean and pressed, with finished seams.

The smart casual dress code is not a set concept. It incorporates a degree of formal and informal, and these are frequently linked to the occasion to which the event is dedicated. For example, you are attending a small dinner party with friends, and the dress code is smart casual, you’ll most likely wear formal denim, heels and a shirt and tailored blazer. But if you are going to a wedding reception, you would be sensible enough to ditch the denim and replace it with something a little dressier.

Smart casual dress code may mean wearing a collared shirt, polo shirts, turtleneck with a belt and jacket, blouses, stylish knit tops, a nice sweater set or classic sleeveless tops with a cardigan or jacket. Choose dresses that are at least knee length and loose fitting.

Keep away from strapless or sleeveless dresses. For your pants you can wear khaki, cotton, corduroy, twill or wool pants or formal denims, and knee-length skirts. For your shoes it is best to wear either dressy flats or mid to low heels. Sometimes, you can wear your chic boots as long as they have a slight heel. You can also go with jewelry that goes with your overall outfit. There are different types of dress codes and the top 7 are: white tie, black tie/formal, lounge suit, cocktail, business attire, smart casual and casual. Always remember to keep a tab on what not to wear when it comes to clothing as well.

The business dress code is more formal than casual but less formal than cocktail attire. For women, it is pattern after the men’s standard such as a suit consisting of a jacket with matching skirt or trousers and a blouse.

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