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How To Look Gorgeous In A Black Tie Event Dress Code

Excited to go on your first black tie event dress code? You should be as this formal event is your chance to dress your finest and experience a night of sophistication. To some this is a once in a life time chance or a dream come true. Now do you know the dress code entails? No worries, as this article will tell you all about it and even help you pick out your outfit.

This black tie dress code is usually worn on occasions like weddings, galas, charity balls, college dances or proms. While this dress code requires men to wear a tuxedo the black tie dress code for women entails putting on an evening gown or cocktail dress. The length of the evening gown can either be mid calf, ankle length or full length while the cocktail dress can be knee length, above the knee or mid calf. You can also dress in a dinner suit. While it is true that black is the most familiar dress color worn on this event, you can also opt for other dark colors such as maroon, plum and navy which are acceptable too.

Red is also becoming a well-liked choice. You also have to keep in mind that the black tie event dress code still differs according to the occasion. For example, in attending a gathering among friends, a slit in the gown may well be acceptable but it may not be acceptable for a business social get-together. You can have on a strapless gown but it is not acceptable to intimate banquets. Black tie event dress code for daytime occasions means that men can wear formal dark suits instead of the tuxedos. And you can wear a casual cocktail dress instead of a formal one and long gowns. The conventional black tie is only worn for occasions that begin after 6pm.

Now let us accessorize. You need to keep the jewelry to a minimum. If you are wearing an elaborate dress, you can wear small earrings with a simple bracelet.  If you are wearing a simple dress, you can pick a daring accessory like a dramatic necklace, jeweled bangles or dangling earrings. For your footwear, you can choose pumps, high heels, stilettos or ballet flats. An evening purse made of velvet, silk, brocade, satin or peau de soie is acceptable. The updo hairstyle is acceptable for a black tie event dress code. This means that you need to pin your hair against the side or top of your head. It may differ from a sophisticated bun at the crown of your head or a set of pinned-up curls.

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