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How to dress up in Summer !

Hello! Everybody! We meet again here. Today we will talk about the topic of dressing up in summer. The temperature in the summer is very high, which means that we have to wear little to cool our body. What is the best choice to be cool and beautiful? Women not only would like to dress up elegantly and lovely, they but also desire to feel comfortable and cozy.


Here I recommend you an elegant black bow knot flowing white dress which is designed by TBdress. The style of the dress is sure to be the most popular and fashionable one because it is designed by the first-class in TBdress. Besides, the material of the dress is of high quality,which will make you feel very comfortable. And the black bow knot will make you look more lovely and gentle. Whats more, a pair of fashion candy color pointed toe buckle stiletto heels is provided for you. You can see these shoes in the above picture. They are pink and their color matches perfectly with the white dress with a black bow knot. When you wear them, you can present your loveliness and elegance.

Next, what kind of bags can be used to match with the white dress? I supply a gorgeous bowknot print womens crossbody bag which made out recently.  So, the style of the bag is the most fashionable popular. Moreover, the color of the bag is also pink, which is a perfect match with the color of these pink shoes.

At last, accessories are a must to match with the suit. I recommend you a EABurns Iris necklace which is Pastel pink. You can see it in the picture. Wearing them will give you a unique and distinct impression to others. Please have a try and show your unique beauty! Come on!

Do you like this summer outfits? Do you have more ideas about summer outfits? We can talk about it.

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  1. Helene 2014/3/24 16:23:26

    Wonderful! I want to buy this beautiful dress now!Reply

  1. Helene 2014/3/24 16:23:02

    Wonderful! I want to buy this beautiful dress now!Reply

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