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How To Dress Accurately With The Jewish Dress Code

The Jewish dress code is dictated by "Tznius" a segment of the Jewish law. "Tznius" means “modesty” when interpreted from Hebrew.  Orthodox women are obliged to dress conventionally but the correct skirt, dress and sleeve lengths and the correct hair covering still differs by faction. Unlike single women, married women have to cover their hair when in public according to “Halacha”, a Jewish law. This is to let the other men in the community know that they already belong to another man and should be left alone. To hide their hair they use hats, berets, simple kerchieves, snoods or scarves known as “tichels”. “Tichels” vary in styles from a plain colored one to one with an elaborate motif and look.

This formal dress code is primarily followed by the followers of the orthodox Haredi sects but there are some modern orthodox women who also cover their hair. In the Jewish dress code the blouses and shirts have to be in neutral, passive colors so that they do not create a center of attention when worn by the women of the Haredi sects with the sleeve length just below the elbow. The women’s collarbones and necklines have to be covered well by the collar. Women also put on a loose vest over their shirt in a few ultra-Orthodox societies. They make sure that their clothes are loose and do not show the curves of their body.

For the Orthodox Jewish women, Jewish dress code dictates that the most classic skirts or dresses that should be worn are those that are ankle length and should be with stockings. Pants are not worn in the presence of men by every Orthodox and other Modern Orthodox women. Also open toed shoes are not being worn by the majority of the Orthodox women. Others will only put on sandals if with thick and dark colored stockings or socks so as not to show any skin.

During Shabbat, white aprons are worn by the Orthodox Jewish women especially those from the Eastern European heritage. While the Modern Orthodox faction change from their casual dress code of pants and sports shoes to formal dress code the same as the Conservative women. Both groups of women wear conventional clothes during religious celebration and other special events. However, those from the Reformed sect are not obliged to follow these dress codes.

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