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How to Create a Cowboy Wedding Theme

One type of wedding you can choose to have is the cowboy wedding. Although of past era, this type of wedding is distinct and very unique. Unlike other types of weddings, a cowboy wedding can be very involving as it requires a lot of consultation especially with your bridegroom, bridesmaids and others involved. Luckily, you do not need to be in a “cowboy country” to have this type of wedding; you can create the cowboy theme regardless of your location. The most important decision you need to make when it comes to creating a cowboy theme is your wedding location. A rambling ranch up the mountain or a barn full of hay with horses round will serve you well. Even if you are restricted to wedding in church, you can easily obtain permission to create a setting that brings out the cowboy wedding theme. Apart from your wedding location, a wedding dress you choose will be very critical. In this regard, choosing from simple cotton prairie skirts with matching blouses will be perfect. Alternatively, you can choose to wear blue jeans with a laced blouse. Regardless of your choice, do ensure that you “cowgirl” it with appropriate accessories. A white cowboy boot and hat will be appropriate. Choice of color is very critical when it comes to creating cowboy wedding theme. This is the time to think about the colors you would see when cattle move along. Settling for a dress and flowers in such colors as pale yellow, sage or dark red will easily bring out the cowboy theme. To make it effective, pay attention to your bridesmaids and what the men will wear. All they wear should compliment your own dress. You also need to pay attention to decorations used in your wedding location and reception area. Make use of bales of hay as seats. When it comes to the wedding cake, do ensure that it is properly decorated and has a topper with cowboy features. You will need to substitute the ribbons commonly used at weddings with strips of leather in appropriate colors. Because your wedding will certainly feature music, choice of music played during the wedding and at the reception for entertainment will be critical. Logically, you will need to settle for Country music. You may also do with violin music. To complete creating your cowboy wedding theme, choose a transport mode that will have a positive impact on your overall wedding. You have the option of riding at the back of a huge pick-up or a horse with your bridegroom.

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