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How to Choose Perfect Homecoming Dresses 2013

If you have your homecoming close in the calendar, then you would definitely love to dress perfectly for it. However how to do itis a very big question. You don’t want to look so over done or so simple,because both ways you won’t be able to leave a very good impression. Here are some tips and tricks to select perfect homecoming Dresses 2013.

First step is to read your invitation thoroughly.There might be a theme. If there is a theme for homecoming then it would save you the trouble of selecting from millions of colours. Don’t go so over board.If the fabric is already fancy then you won’t need a hell lot of bedazzling or stone work. Bedazzling and stones looks great on plain fabric, however with fancy fabric, only some classical jewellery would be enough to give you a fabulous touch.Always remember, a perfect dress is a dress which looks good on you and not the one that you like.You can get your homecoming Dresses 2013 from a variety of styles from cocktail dresses, party dresses, and evening gowns to mini-dresses and skirts. If there is no theme set by the organizers then you might be able to wear whatever you feel like wearing. It’s good towear dark shades at evening parties and light colours at day time. Dark colours at day time will give you a very heavy and overdone look; on the other handlight shades at night parties will make you look way too simple.

For your homecoming Dresses 2013 the perfect colour might be Emerald Green “Pantone colour ofthe year”. This colour looks perfect on almost every complexion but the fairer the complexion the best it start looking. People with dark complexions can gofor soft colours and soft makeup to look just gorgeous enough to make people’shearts beat faster. If you don’t want to go for Emerald Green then you can choose from a variety of traditional colours. White, Aqua, Beige, Pink,off-white, sky blue, grape-green and lavender are the colours to wear at day time parties. If your homecoming is scheduled at late hours then you can definitely go for black, magenta, turquoise, sea green, bottle green, carbon orroyal blue and most definitely red.

Try your dress at least once before your big day to check that it perfectly fits you. You might need some changes if you are buying something readymade. Dressup, put your best shoes on and show up like a real lady on your homecoming.

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