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How can you manage a warm winter theme wedding?

To arrange a marriage is a very exciting for the family and friends as they make several plans to make it marvelous and full of pleasure. If you are the future bride, definitely you want your marriage celebration a unique one. In this regard, great warm winter theme weddings are ideal and have endless means to create fun. Winter is a cold season and marriages in cold season are very easy to arrange. Main colors suitable for winter wedding idea are red, silver and white; however, you can use all presiding colors in reception, coiffure of the event and throughout background.

winter theme wedding

In winter wedding theme, the bride outfit would be of snowy look and picture a luxurious gown of satin and velvet having a red satin cape and muff to match the red boutonniere with elegant lapel of the groom’s black jacket. A best option about food is the idea of greeting with hot chocolate mugs and the guests will feel extravagant when they will join your wedding. In winter season a hot coffee or liquid mug can give energy to the participants. Use white table cloths and embellish with red silk rose petals for the bride’s cape and muff to enhance the gracefulness of the party.

winter theme wedding 1

Take crystal wine glass coasters and put card holders of a snowman design. Silver bells are also very attractive for the adornment of the event. The splashes of red, crystal and silver on the white snowy color will give the great look to the celebration. Get wedding cake in white color and decorate with the red topping of the rose. Make pew bows in crisp white, silver, sky blue and use glitters for shinny look and include in your party. Snowflake idea will increase the charm and you along with your guests will enjoy more.

winter theme wedding 2

Give special attention to the reception of the marriage party, use white tablecloth and scatter the table with fluffy snow and place some candles around the centerpiece and enlighten them. You will notice a dreamy and romantic look.  You will get warm affect by this idea too. If you do not want to use candles, you can use tea lights surrounding the centerpiece. The centerpiece would be place in the middle of the table. Without flower, the decoration of reception as well as the whole party can not be completed. Vibrant color flower in winter wedding theme  gives the snazzy and outstanding touch to your wedding.

winter theme wedding 3

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