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How can we be a charming OL

Recently, I  have  found  a  strange  phenomenon  that  girls  in  my  company  prefer  to  select  clothes  in  dark  color. They  think  that  the  dark  color  will  make  them  more  mature.  In  fact,  their  views  aren’t completely  right. Instead, bright colors  will  present  their  energetic  aspectsto  all. At  the  same  time,  bright  colors  will  help  you  keep  pleasant  mood  allday.  Now  I  introduce  several  colorful  clothes  and  bags  to  you.

At  first, we  all  have  saw  the  light  green dress  in  the  picture. This  color  will  let  your  skin  look  more  white,  and  will attract  more  attentions  in  spring  as  this  color  and  the  pink  flowers  are  well matched  to  make  a  harmonious  combination.  With  a  belt, the  dress  will  highlight your  figure  more, so  you  will  look  much  taller  and  slimmer.  Besides, the material  of  this  dress  is  cotton  blends,  so  it will  make  you  feel  comfortable  especially  in hot  weather. As  is  known  to  all,  only  a  dress  is  not  enough,  we  usually  wear  a  blazer  outside.  So  I  introduce  you  the  white  blazer  which  can  be  worn  with a  variety  of  colors.  This  coat  is  fashionable  enough,  since  modern  stand  collar  is  used.  Apart  from  these  advantages, Tbdress  provide  different  colors, so  you  can  choose  the  best  color  according  to  your  appetite.

Heels  are  a  good  choice  for  all  ladies  that  can  length  your  legs  and  reshape  type  of  figure,  especially  stiletto  heels.  So  I  recommend  you  a  pair  of  yellow  shoes  which  is  made  from  sheepskin.  This  yellow  sandal  is  special  designed  by  our  first-class  designers.  Special  design  and  good  sheepskin  material  will  give  you  a  new  experience.

After  selecting  clothes  and  shoes,  we  also  need  carefully  choose  a bag  that  is  needed  by  all  women  on  any  occasion. Considering  we  often  put  some  documents,  so  I  advise  you  the  yellow  color  handybag  in  the  above  picture.  The  bag  can  be  used  not  only  as  a  handy  bag  but  also  as  a  crossbody  bag.  Furthermore, the  leather  material  and  delicate  zipper  ensure  high  quality  of  the  bag.  Tbdress  provide  you  other  colors  to  guarantee  your  right  to  select.

Of  course,  there  are  many  other  methods  to  pair  up  clothes.  Do  you  have  any  favorite  bright  color? I  wish  you  can  tell  us  your  favorite  color  and  your  opinions  on  how  to  dress  up  as  an  OL.

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