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Honeymoon to Finland

Drift is a simple game but it just happened to Finland not a fairy tale but also does not have the pirates of the Nordic countries, I spend two days to feel sway in the midnight sun feeling, taste say not clear.

Helsinki all tower international airport, the front is hilly baggage from all over the world and nearly 30 media reporters, I also body in it, after an hour we will from now on transfer to Finland northern city of library

Fantastic and charming color, pure and fresh and have to let a person tears in the air, pure the wilderness, thrash around river constitute the library, the distance the Arctic Circle only dozens of kilometers of Finland of outdoor tourism.clip_image001

Ranging from the tower international airport after take-off, we have been in clear water on the flight, Finland has numerous clear lakes. After more than one hour, the library's airport terminal, northern on emotional appeal, terminal external decorative wall are log sheet, all painted light blue. Finland is forestry developed countries, the forest coverage rate as high as 5%, the sky blue and white is the color of the national flag in Finland, many buildings, Bridges, plane, bus, and even highway guardrail is paint the sky blue.

We do take the bus to the camping site, about 3 0 minutes, turn the bus under the highway into the original forest suddenly, "shout" 1, from the forest rushed out of a singular clothing, beat-up kook, block in our car, hand on the a big gong, frantically bellow. We are live at there the counterpart of the local tourism bureau friend smile and tell us, this is Finland people welcome afar VIP unique ceremony. Finnish for pronunciation strange, it is said that the world's most difficult mastery of the language, everybody can't understand what he was crying, so we are speaking the language of all countries to he also roar loud.

clip_image002 clip_image003

The midnight sun in northern Europe to sleep, we had in the life the first no night. In the morning before breakfast R U K A tourism administration A R I lady has in the lobby waiting for us. Today's destination is Finland's most famous card National park when we arrived, the park outside parking lot have stopped up various vehicles, here is the Finnish family favorite vacation place. We are under the leadership of the wizard, along the quiet road start up the hill. Along the edge of the thin trail in the canyon primitive are lined with steep cliffs, the valley from time to time between a suspension bridge across the rapids, visitors can view by suspension bridge in the park the most magnificent scenery. With hiking way guide tourists visit card national park is R U K A the one big characteristic of tourism. Oran card national park can be said to be outdoor sports lover paradise, hiking, fishing, kayaking, mountain climbing... Optional to enjoy the nature.

clip_image004 Two days of Finland the life is coming to an end. I poured a glass of vodka go out of the thick forest alone enjoy the Nordic that unique midnight sun.

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