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Honeymoon lost in ocean

Known as the "sea Guilin," said Vietnam's Halong bay, which make Chinese tourists see the sea quiet beautiful state. And it is located in central Vietnam in the coastal area Xinghe province, but let a person feel the sea fully dynamic charm and let visitors comfortable into the sea to find back his the indulgence of physical and mental: at dawn beach scenery gradually clear sand shore side that tall and straight towering coconut palm began to look to the sea far away the rising sun, beach tonal become excessive of your life; The people on the beach, such as at present, from city appeared the original civilian people than the rest of the world the inhabitants of the beach more feverishly play sea Goomla, old wearing thin clothes pants step by step into the sea, middle-aged man riding a bicycle, ride a motorbike to uniform and women beach, will the car against the coconut palm with "plop " ran to the sea, teenagers and smooth beaches stretch their unique " break dance"... I liked this civilian beach big show, attracted many tourists traveled to the eye. Just, clock a by eight o 'clock or so, just still busy noisy beach disappear without a figure, all go to work, school or open shop business. Beach, only "wow, wow, wow" sea surf and still indulge in beach happy few visitors.--- Honeymoon lost in ocean


The sea sunrise in beach because when presenting "the Orient", but visitors to the heart but not blurred way. In 1924 by Vietnam emperor built a letter. The gulf is streamlined white sand the water clear. A called coastal avenue to the city and hotels, domestic out of the blue ocean besides high stand of coconut palm trees surrounded by ChenFuLu and that public beach windward flaunt. The beach, with the moment relax holiday personage, lying on the beach chair, enjoy the big aunt type of " massage", the sea breeze blows, and the world, tight skin flabby down gradually. Don't you! The whole body massage for an hour only accept and RMB.--- Honeymoon lost in ocean


The junction of the river and mountain, confused the night

Even if the sunset dusk, month on the tip of a branch, city north of the mountains those few a woman that add pagodas are still confused with the line of sight of visitors. The woman with the main tower, which was popular with Vietnam believers worship the goddess, because the champa after French colonial period was stolen cut and become some desolate. At the foot of the mountain, into the night scenery, the street lamp become shining. Two bridge across a river, the river entrance formation of fishing port connected, fishing port in the fishing boat had a night sing, smoke curling up from kitchen chimneys, the shore of the pedestrian walk in a hurry, leaving only a "Qiu mountain fishing port map" to performance of YuXiang beauty.--- Honeymoon lost in ocean


Ocean always will give you many imaginations. We would like to lay in the ocean experience his widen chest. --- Honeymoon lost in ocean

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