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Honeymoon in the heaven


Enido maybe for some people still have some strange. Here have greatly small island, "jump island" become the most worth a try to play, you can joyfully the place by the island to play again. If you're not familiar with island distribution it does not matter, the local people chose one of the most fun and can also climb island, cent gives A, B, C different line for your choice, each string many islands, let you had enough time.clip_image001

Palawan islands is located in the southwest of the Philippines, Einido is in the north of Palawan. Palawan islands have many different ecological systems such as white sand beaches and palm trees, coral, all kinds of fish and limestone cliffs; And those in the sea of the lagoon and "mysterious beach" make here into adventure, diving and canoeing paradise.

Fly directly from Manila beloved island need 1.5 hours, then take a boat 45 minutes and can be arrived at xanadu ELNIDORESORT. There was no television telephone signal weak, completely isolated, the service is good, eat can also. Around dotted beach and the formation of stone in the sea which is very beautiful. Daily program in addition to lie in the sun, every day is out on the boat, to different sand and sea diving, snorkeling, fishing, canoeing and ground hole. Feel very relax, feel and maldives belong to the same class. Homing shadows, water light sand fineclip_image002

Come to Enido of course going to see here the most famous lagoon and "mysterious beach". The so-called lagoon is actually in the sea pieces of huge rock, when the boat into the inside but found that is in the sea, see a sea. Vast sea from the outside inside, suddenly the whole world like paused, the moment to quiet down like into an isolated place where the whole area is only ships walk of voice, if canoeing inside, the feeling is more intense. The so-called "mysterious beach", it is the hidden in the middle of the stone beach, sometimes the beach only in boulder somewhere gap diving into the rock around, around, but growth among the huge palm trees and white sand beaches, if there is no local leading, a stranger not knowing the stone of the beach. I think these are many travelers to every day out on the boat, to visit a different lagoon and mysterious beach reason it.

Enido is a back mountain surface sea town to about an hour or so, you can put the main street of the up and down around a times; And carry mountain, can go to climb and overlooking a panoramic view of the island, the town more than coffee shop provide guide service, reasonable cost.clip_image003

Enido beach distribution many huge lagoon and formed a "sea of sea" wonderful landscape. Some of the more hidden in the middle stone, stone from somewhere under gap diving into will find, the rock around, but growth among the huge palm trees, the lake and a piece of white sand beaches, make a person surprised unceasingly.

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