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Honeymoon in Paris band shop

Paris is a romantic place, you have no ideas how many new couples would like to go honeymoon in pairs, set for the full of romantic breath the city. So don’t miss the chance to watch classic landmark and symbol when you enter into city like the Eiffel Tower, Versailles, Notre Dame DE Paris and cruise the romance of the Seine. Of course, also would like to have a romantic French dinner! More importantly, the fashion capital of Paris, as a bride, you should not miss this SHOPPING a chance, make your own French SHOPPING dreams!--- Honeymoon in Paris band shop


Paris Lafayette department store was founded in 1893, the company was founded at the beginning of only 70 square meters, the original place in Lafayette street, which was moved to the present position in 1896. Paris is the most flourishing business street one of Ottoman is the side of the Paris opera. It was standard palace with luxurious decorate a hit which has hundred years history. The whole building was same with 114 years ago maintain it well even at present seems still costly.--- Honeymoon in Paris band shop

clip_image002 The shop has seven stores, an average of about 80000 visitors every day. It has almost all the world's fashion brand became flowers fashion popular vane. After you enter into the internal JuTou first show in front of you is the huge Byzantine domes, dome by 10 huge gold colored drawing or pattern of carve patterns or designs on woodwork glass and appear market very glorious. The center of the dome covers the whole markets which is the sign of lafayette department store. The post will be in accordance with each layer of the dome's ten.--- Honeymoon in Paris band shop


Christmas attractive discount:

With Christmas approaching, Paris, France lafayette department store beautiful window is high with Christmas tree stands, year after year to similar different symbolic landscape dress meet Christmas. Plus elaborate display Christmas theme device window can be said to be around the world each year visitors will choose Christmas place of pilgrimage. In the shopping Paris lafayette company in the Christmas period discount sales very attractive, especially bags class, some famous brand discount 20% to 50%, the customer can often find the real surprise. Here the "shopping", also love famous person cannot miss it.--- Honeymoon in Paris band shop


Special services:

Paris lafayette service can be said to be a perfect, the store have a coffee shop, library and salon. Is located in the main hall 4 layer baby care area provide bottle heating, diaper change and other services as well as the action inconvenience to provide the wheelchair, give the guests to create the most comfortable shopping environment. In particular, lafayette company set up in, free to provide Chinese version of floor map and map of Paris.--- Honeymoon in Paris band shop


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