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Honeymoon in New Zealand


With the cool coming southern island of New Zealand, but it is the most suitable for a year in the spring travel. Grassland, volcanoes, fjords, rain forest, beach. Charming scenery will take visitors into "the last piece of pure land".


New Zealand is located in the southern Pacific Ocean about 1600 miles (kilometers) southeast of Australia,between Antarctica and equatorial, the west every tasman sea and Australia, facing the north island and south island and Stewart island near and some small islands, north island many volcanoes and hot springs, south island many glaciers and lakes. New Zealand are "green" is famous the forest coverage rate of 29% natural pasture or farm half of the total land area, vast forests and pasture make New Zealand become the green kingdom, was known as "the paradise on earth", "the last piece of pure land".clip_image003


1 Gary's volcanoes national park have been list into the world heritage list has to win an Oscar many awards of "the Lord of the rings" shooting location, lead us directly into the scene enjoy the snow mountain castle hotel wonders, wandering in the dream and reality .

2 Queen City is set in New Zealand on earth a glittering "green jade" is a beautiful inland city.

3 Auckland have "of sails" laudatory name. Everywhere is full of coastal highway you can see the clean water and beautiful beach. Modern breath rich "the queen avenue", a legendary "Eden mountain" is worth a visit places.

4 Christchurch is "garden change city" which is located in New Zealand's south island. Urban district the green park garden and Victoria dynasty era of gothic architecture reflect each other. The most attractive should belong to the winding in the city YiFangHe white water rafting among them, the romantic freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting.

clip_image005   clip_image006 New Zealand's lakes are tourist destination, also can be the way to go to other place you spend quiet a moment's place.

Many of the north island lake are the product of ancient volcanic eruption. The volcanic lake the largest lake taupo is. It covers an area of a small country so big, it is New Zealand trout fishing within the territory of one of the best place. You can also LuYa in ROM. "many of the volcanic lake catch trout.


Dune lake is an interesting phenomenon. North island of Kate d sand has three beautiful dune lake, the lake around the pure white sand. The north island near the town west bank levine, there is a named palmer sent Joe and sand dunes along the lake, the wetland, is a good place to bird.

South island with most of the lake is the product of the glacier activities. Glacier activities have formed many fjords. O's Nao lake area is the largest, 344 square kilometers. And the napo lake are generally considered to be the most beautiful lake, there are 34 island in the lake, some local to a depth of 440 meters.


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