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Honeymoon in Indonesia experience mysterious

Known as "thousand island country" Indonesia's most attract travelers nature is a tropical island holiday experience. There are many places to look at and worth to remove to island in Indonesia.--- Honeymoon in Indonesia experience mysterious

Travel to Indonesia is the primary choice and the real Indonesia far more than this. Although the Southeast Asian countries in culture architecture and life there are many similar places, slowed down walk into their lives or will find many different. Slow travel is the best way to experience the local life. Indonesia can say is I the southeast Asia trip like most countries. It is won’t cost high in Indonesia's for 14 days journey but you will get the best travel experience have a good travel services and keep the original environment and primitive religion --- Honeymoon in Indonesia experience mysterious


Jakarta is often ignored a place this also no wonder go to the Indonesian island travel basic need not to pass through here. Like any a Southeast Asian tourism country, Indonesia is a costly and the combination of native country, this act is the most direct in Jakarta. I check in intercontinental hotel is located in street this is the most important throughout north and south city traffic street two-way 12 lane, incomparably broad and the road on both sides is tall buildings.--- Honeymoon in Indonesia experience mysterious


Jakarta so-called tourist attractions is not much, here the most appropriate way is actually quietly into the local people's life. Jakarta downtown national independence monument is the local people is often go to place who will take the lift to the top will be survey the whole city landscape. Around the monument broad and rest area is my favorite. it is always can see the 3322 people sat on the bench to kill time, here is the whole city is the coolest place. Not far from the monument is the Indonesian national museum both new and old two buildings. There are a lot of Indonesia tourism background knowledge. In the beginning of the next trip before, come here to have a look at it is necessary. Is located in the north of the old method tower Silas square was called Batavia Dutch colonial rule center, a circle around the square of the old houses are the Dutch occupation of the city hall, industrial and commercial bureau and other government agencies, now in addition to a post office and a cafe outside the foreign business and the other is Cinderella became a museum.--- Honeymoon in Indonesia experience mysterious


Bandung to Gogjakarta all the way scenery is well worth to have a visit. Bandung is located in the mountain the journey just from high to low, the train track also like circle highway around in the mountains. In addition to the local people often take ordinary train outside in the distance, there is a fancy business air conditioning train sat comfortable spacious wide glass window for viewing, so much is selected for tourists. That day I take the train just hung up the four carriages, besides two local Muslim women with us go outside, the train is the Netherlands and Belgium team tourists. The scenery outside of the window was perfect, especially the car has just opened, in the mountains WanLongShi train travel, can see the large village houses spread in green paddy field, you can see just through hang on the hillside railway. The last train carriages is the most recommended position. Open the car door, narrow the place into a three level ventilation world, can be directly shooting scenery outside. Local small we are want to take pictures of the many, every time a place beautiful scenery outside of the window from the past. Immediately someone fall over each other to car outside run and ran to the door landscape have been from the car side slip. All the way is authentic Indonesia scenery, in our car fast car site sometimes see waiting for locals to our show well-meaning smile.--- Honeymoon in Indonesia experience mysterious


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