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Honeymoon in gentle British

As the queen ruled country, here has the most traditional Christmas customs. Every Christmas, every family to do the roast Turkey and mince pies Christmas dinner, go to see the kids play "Christ was born" play and short, but also in the home is dressed up the big Christmas tree. In fact, all love Christmas tree is coming from England and popular to all over the world. During the eighteenth century the custom of the Christmas tree in Germany began to pop, since the middle of the 19th century, Queen Victoria marry German prince Albert, the custom became popular. So today, the whole world can see this kind of lights, candy and ribbon decorated the Christmas tree and Santa Claus, become an indispensable part of holiday.--- Honeymoon in gentle British


In Britain, one of the most famous Christmas tree is the giant Christmas tree in London to Trafalgar Square (pigeon square). Since 1947, Oslo capital of Norway give a Christmas tree every year to the British people expressed in Britain during the second world war in Norway and support for the up to 25 meters of the Christmas tree is therefore became Britain and Norway of friendship between people. The Christmas tree not only have special cut down a tree ceremony but shipped to London after, December first Thursday evening, Trafalgar Square will be held for its special bright light ceremony. Therefore, Trafalgar Square of this plant decoration colorful giant Christmas tree also became a symbol of British Christmas. Walking in the streets of London and loved ones under the mistletoe smooches deep love story like the movies in the rating remember.--- Honeymoon in gentle British


In addition, Christmas gentleman city London most famous a place for Gaza is palace skating Rink (Somerset House Ice Rink). This is on the Thames castle built in the eighteenth century, London is one of the landmark building. Weekdays there are stately castle building around the quiet fountain until the winter coming it’s suddenly change one's identity became a piece of broadness amounts to 1000 square meters of outdoor skating rink. The winter night, ice stadium around is colorful light with or lyric or dynamic field music and lover together hand in hand on the ice, garden how romantic a scene! There has always been a movie like landscape, hot Love comedy Love Actually "in the opening scene is derived from here.--- Honeymoon in gentle British

clip_image003 Ice stadium opening date: 2012 years on November 16th 2013 to January 6 if love literature and art, might as well go to new people of west London Para dean theatre (London Palladium) enjoy the musical "a Christmas carol, feel Charles Dickens's Christmas spirit. Or go to Hyde park visit winter wonderland, to see that by more than 500 block of ice magic kingdom, it don't have interest.--- Honeymoon in gentle British

Christmas LaBao is the British celebrate Christmas required a scenery. It is said that in 1850 the London a candy vendor made the first one LaBao Christmas. Now popular Christmas LaBao is made by hard paper a barrel shaped like a special big fruit drop. Two people a man pulling a head, a small explosion gently when disconnected. Get big head to one of the small gift generally including crown shaped paper hat, a small toy, a write jokes, riddles.--- Honeymoon in gentle British

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