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Honeymoon in England

With love travel to the process of natural hope they can enjoy fast and convenient shopping besides can enjoy the appreciation charming scenery experience strong culture and cultural landscape. In Europe many famous cities, the classic old shopping mall or emerging large center will let the bride was choked up with emotions and reluctant to leave. It not only has trendy products buy more price time attracted a large number of foreign visitors. And more, the market is convenient geographical position also let love people are very easy to travel. Many stores because of itself architectural style or historical connotation become the local cultures. --- Honeymoon in England


As the capital of England, London is a racial religious and cultural melting pot. From the countries of the antique and art treasures countless display performance will let love people can travel around the world in the sense of fun. Since the Olympic Games of 2012 years, here is a popular as honeymoon sanctuary. The lovers not only can take a boat on the river Thames romantically appreciate the scenery but looking at the London eye "magic shape and as if into the world of fairy tale more to Buckingham Palace for a taste of the royal luxury and pies!--- Honeymoon in England


Speaking of London shopping natural let a person think of always is hubbub of voices of Oxford street with a lot of fashion boutique test venter garden lane and love the people to feel the "one-stop" shopping, then must go directly to Harold department (Harrods). This was founded in 1834, department stores, although many easy to master or uphold the consistent British type costly service purpose. It is now the most costly London the most personalized department store.--- Honeymoon in England

clip_image003_thumb During the Christmas period, Harold department specially made covers an area of 7000 square feet of area to customers shows a series of Disney products, there is no lack of among them customization and limited edition products not only include all kinds of treasures more a sparkle in the interior fittings, Christmas and New Year festival are put on sale. Be worth what carry is Christmas here to love people and will have the opportunity to enjoy a visual feast that is Harold department will soon unveil a series of beautiful United States annulus of the window display. This will show breathtaking dresses which are come from the world's top designers’ hand. Every dress is based on a classic Disney princess image special design and production. At the appointed time, ten princess image window will also meticulously to have magic color acid set.--- Honeymoon in England


At the street of England you will satisfied with all of your desire. As you known here collect sorts of band products no matter what kind of production you want come here never miss it. Especially during the Christmas and New Year there are many deep discounts for sale. For the lady what you should about is time, do you have enough time to shopping and hang around everywhere.--- Honeymoon in England






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