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Honeymoon in Canada

Not only the white snow cannot leave in the people’s heart about Christmas day but Santa Claus because the Arctic Circle is their hometown and Christmas day in the cold season, from love and friendship with the most warm. People look forward to most is, above all, "white Christmas" : from Christmas Eve began to drop large snowflakes, until the second day morning, the eyes is eyeful white, for people to bring good luck . But along with the impact of global warming, the landscape is increasingly rare. And is located in the northern hemisphere high latitude of Canada can satisfy your desire white resort! ---


If you came to Toronto in the Christmas in Canada, you will have a chance to catch up with the Annual Santa Claus Parade. The world's largest Christmas parade which has a long history of the children the parade that was began in 1905 on 2th December. It has been 107 years of history. Santa Claus parade means that the arrival of snow Season, but also for the joy of Christmas Season opened. Annual parade attracts more than 500000 citizens and visitors from all over the world. The huge parade consists of 25 beautiful and magnificent floats composition. Lively colorful floats theme from the Snow White princess and Smurfs, the daughter of the sea, harry potter to Canada ice hockey night everything, in addition to the royal ranger, handsome prince, waving fairy, funny clown and polar bear lovable role and the protagonist is essential for Santa Claus. The 1500 aged from 8 to 70 - year - old members of the parade with high spirits danced in the streets of Toronto to go to the city to the happy festival. The Santa Claus also do not forget in the new era to keep pace with The Times, in a sleigh pulled by reindeer on specially installed digital camera, if you went to watch the parade still can be in parade on the web site to see Santa Claus for your photographs and print them out as permanent free precious memory.--- Honeymoon in Canada

clip_image002 Canada west of the British Columbia has the world's best ski resort you can enjoy the world of ice and snow journey of romance and the mountains of the wonderful scenery. In more than 100 meters high the top of the hill with all kinds of celebration activities.

Make Canada brewing technology of the world famous is the unique flavor of the ice wine. To make ice wine grape must stay the vine to frost comes, temperature dip to 15 degrees Celsius below through the night to picked by hand.--- Honeymoon in Canada


Christmas start from every year December to the middle of January. December 26 Boxing Day (Boxing Day) is the largest a sale promotion activities, the launch of the discount store as high as 50% above. One day, the shop will open earlier than usual, but early in the morning, store will be queued up to the long dragon, if not ahead of the game, only think of one. Christmas and New Year's day shops out of business. --- Honeymoon in Canada

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