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When you decide to tie the knot at the beach, everything including the cake should be in such a manner that is consistent with the theme of the day. Do not deviate from this theme by serving cake that does not have any aspect of the venue.

We’re going to dwell more in this particular matter and I will suggest some fabulous designs and ways that you can accessorize your cake to match the beach themed wedding.  There are two main colors that are common with beach cakes, white and blue. But you can be a little adventurous and have it in different shades of brown. To complete the look, the cake should have surge-like designs preferably on the bottom tier. Then use seashells, seahorses (of neutral or brown color) and brown sugar to decorate.

Blue colored cakes are among the favorite for this occasion.  But you do not have to be monotonous with the final appearance. For your guests to appreciate your beach themed wedding, be daring and go for more modern designs. For instance have the foundation cake square in shape and the rest of the tiers in a circular shape or vice versa. Be cautious not to overdo on the color blue. I mean, go easy on the decorations and avoid any blue accessories. Instead use neutral colors such as shimmery copper. You can also have white colored small rounded candy gently pushed into the sides and draw palm trees on the cakes.

White cakes represent elegance, class and sophistication. There are so many ways to make this one a beautiful piece of art. For instance the bottom cake can have blue wave design and beach chairs at the top cake. Using petite cakes or cup cakes also add style to the beach themed wedding so does not be afraid to try them out. With a small gathering of those closest to you both, you can have the petite cakes on each table to serve as a center piece. Pierce in short stems of fuchsia to bring out the pomp. To be even more daring, you can have round plate with cupcakes the number of the guest per table and a smaller cake in the middle.  On top of each cup cake place a shell, sea horse, or star fish and variety of shells and corals on the center one.

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