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Hilarious and naughty April fools day ideas

Naughtiness derives out the real charm of life because if you haven’t done anything naughty in your life up till now then you haven’t lived it actually. Naughtiness can make you get scolded by someone but the laughter and peace you get out of it is worth more than getting scolded. We all have done few terribly naughty things in our childhood so why not now. The April fool day gives us official permission to live that naughtiness again in our life. If you are bored and want to do something mischievous desperately then take out a pen and paper and start noting down the best april fools day ideas.

Make sure that your april fools day ideas are workable because whatever you think and note down now is obliged to be practiced on the 1st of April. If you have a bad luck on this day that you fail to fool people because they are already conscious then you can practice these ideas on any other day of the first week of April. Why to bind this naughtiness just to April as you can get naughty on any other day as well like on the kiss day. All such kind of days calls for fun and enjoyment so you can always do mischievous things to make you and people around you happy and smiling.

The hug day is another day where you can practice your best ideas of April like switching the bed or making your boyfriend hug a creepy skeleton or a witch rather then you while he is asleep. If you are bad at these tricks then you can also stick to the smaller rather lighter ones like drawing a creepy and bad tattoo on your body and going to the office.

You might see people watching you with terrible expressions but the whole scenario can be perceived as hilarious because you must be giggling in your heart. The april fools day ideas are abundant but what matters are the workable ideas as all ideas cannot be practiced by you. Easy ideas are always worth doing as you can put powder on the ceiling fan of your siblings room and wait till he/she comes out and then you can wait for her/him to turn it on. Boom! Everything will be powdered the next moment and you will find yourself rolling on floor laughing. I hope you succeed in spreading smiles this April so be ready with your tools and weapons.

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