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Hawaiian Wedding Theme Ideas To Organize An Exotic Wedding

Hawaii is a world famous island mostly known for its culture and beaches. So if you are planning to have a wedding based on this theme it has to have a lot from the Hawaiian culture and has to a lot similar to a beach theme wedding. Hawaiian culture is very enjoyable and funk, so when Hawaiian culture is converted into a Hawaiian wedding, it becomes an event to obviously be remembered by the couple and also by the people invited to the wedding. There are many Hawaiian wedding theme ideas to choose from and most people get confused, what to choose.

Hawaii is always having sun, which is why some ideas can be from a summer wedding theme. Summer wedding themes are just as outstanding as a Hawaiian wedding, thus when these two combine it results in Hawaiian wedding theme ideas that are memorable for you and your guests.

Invitations in Hawaiian weddings can start with a big ‘Aloha!’ written on the top. Green and blue are god colors to have on a Hawaii wedding’s invitation. A blue invitation envelope with the invitation kept inside. The invitation can bear blue colored flowers printed on it and some beach and couple photographs.

The wedding chair decor in this unique wedding theme, the color chose for this is mostly blue but baby pink is also usable and also suits the ocean. By the mentioning of ocean, you probably now know that we are talking about the location of the wedding. The location plays an important role in the planning of the wedding. The location most probably should be nearby the ocean. This arouses interest of people and also suits the theme of the wedding. After the wedding, the couple can go down to the ocean. Everyone else also can go down by the ocean.

The clothes of both, the bride and also the bridegroom should wear their normal clothes i.e. a black suit and a white gown. The shoes also should be same. The decorations along with other Hawaiian wedding themes ideas are mostly blue and white. Some things like a candle in a small blue colored boat shaped candelabra can add a classy touch to your wedding. The cake can be blue with sparkles all over it. Fake and edible shells and other ornaments can also be put on the cake to give it more of a beach wedding look. Sea food should be kept on the menu.

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