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Having A Baseball Themed Wedding

This is a theme that many people never think about having at their wedding. However, if you do things the right way, a baseball themed wedding might just be what you need. This theme is fairly unique, so you will not have to worry about boring your guests. Before you go on to choose a baseball theme for your wedding, there are a few things that you need to consider. These will help you make the right choice and plan for your wedding accordingly.

A baseball wedding theme is basically based on the game, baseball. So it is only advisable that you opt for this theme if you are a baseball fan. Remember that a wedding theme is supposed to reflect the personality and interests of the couple. It would, therefore, not be advisable for you to have a baseball theme at your wedding if you are not a baseball fan, since you will end up not having fun at your own wedding. This theme is perfect for couples that share a love for baseball, but it would also do if only one either the bride or groom are baseball fans. All that matters is that there is a love for the game. Since this is the only way that you will be able to enjoy your wedding.

Having decided on having a baseball themed wedding, you should start to plan on how you are to incorporate it. You could use the theme throughout the wedding process. For example, you could use baseball jersey numbers as placement cards. You can even go as far as designing the placement cards in the form of baseball jerseys. You can also use baseball jersey numbers for your table numbers.

To add a little fun to the ceremony, instead of the bride wearing heels or normal wedding shoes, she should wear sports shoes. This also applies to the groom.  This will be something that your guests will not be expecting. The bridesmaids can be elegantly dressed in dresses that look like cheer leader uniforms. These do not necessarily have to be so close to cheer leader uniforms, but they should at least have some resemblance. Remember that even if you are trying to pull off a baseball theme, it is a wedding, so it is supposed to have some class to it. Noteworthy is the fact that it would really be hard to pull off a baseball wedding theme indoors. Your reception should be held outside, probably in a place that is green.

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