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Have a unique wedding through a Travel wedding theme

A wedding theme is the center to other details of a wedding. The best way to have a smooth flow of wedding plans is by choosing a theme as the number one priority. Once you have a theme in mind you can then have other wedding requirements that are related to the chosen theme. [caption id="attachment_10778" align="alignnone" width="550"]Travel wedding theme Travel wedding theme[/caption] Do you like traveling a lot with your spouse as your common hobby? Then you must have visited many places. Choosing a travel wedding theme that portrays all those wonderful places you have visited is such a perfect idea. This is such a unique theme that any wedding can have that will set a history for your guests. There are a number of favors that you can give to your guests for a travel wedding theme. Considering some of the places you have visited, you can present your guests with some goodies found in such places. If you have visited Dubai for instance there are many things you can present your guests. You can present your female guests with hand bags and jewelry from Dubai while for the men you can present them with some of the best watches sold in Dubai. [caption id="attachment_10780" align="alignnone" width="550"]Travel wedding theme Travel wedding theme[/caption] If you have not travelled many places due to your own reasons, you can still have a travel wedding theme. Not everyone likes travelling and also not everyone can afford to travel to as many places as they wish. Who said your wedding favors must be centered on places that you have visited? Simply have some cookies the design of commonly known travel items like airplanes and suitcases. You do not want to forget kid guests in your wedding. The best rewards suitable for a travel wedding theme like globe balls and toy adventure explorer sets. [caption id="attachment_10781" align="alignnone" width="550"]Travel wedding theme Travel wedding theme[/caption] But even before you think of such favors, hint your guests on your wedding theme by sending them travel wedding theme invitations. The first impression you create of your wedding is through invitations. You need not to worry getting a travel  themed wedding invitation given that there are many travel themed wedding invitations readily available in the market to choose from.  if  you are a crafty person then reward yourself  by designing your own Invitations. If you visit the beach a lot then have invitations featuring photos of a sandy beach, palm trees among other beach related content. You can have a successful memorable wedding if you plan your travel wedding theme well.  

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