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 Planning a western wedding is not about the latest trends but rather going back to your roots.  A western wedding theme involves capturing the basic components of life in the west therefore your guests expect to see that brought out in the end result. One of the first signs to tell if a wedding has a western theme is the clothing put on by the groom, his bride and party at large.  White cowboy hats are worn by the ladies while their male counterparts have black ones. To add even more culture, the men can pin star badges on their coats and big metal buckles to symbolize the deputy sheriffs of the west.

A western wedding theme has to bring out the western ambience right from the word go. Let the invitations speak on your behalf. Whichever the design that you go for, ensure that it incorporates western symbols such as cowboy hats or dancing boots, stage coach, horses among others. The background of the invites should also be all western. A picture of a barn with a couple of horses or one of a field with flowers common in the area is not bad idea. To further embellish the card, make small bows from thin denim or raffia instead using the usual ribbon. Skillfully stack a number of hay bales to form the entryway to where the ceremony will take place. For that true western mood, leave the stacks undecorated. If the person to preside the vow ceremony agrees, have him/her dress like the county sheriff. You know with all the budges and sheriff cowboy hat.

The reception part of the wedding should not be a disappointment. Let that western wedding theme that you created flow through to the reception area. Use real cowboy boots or hats filled with wild flowers to separate the dining area from the dancing floor. Decorating the tables should be an easy task to accomplish because of the wide variety of center pieces that you can use. The floral arrangement for the centerpiece should include a number of native flowers like sunflowers, autumn sage, zinnias and cacti. Put a few horse shoes to surround the show piece and sprinkle some petals. This goes a long way in ensuring that the western culture is maintained. Use bandanas to line upturned cowboy hats before putting fresh fruits or cookies and then place them in a central place.

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