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Halloween Wedding Theme Ideas For a Cool And Spooky Wedding

If you are deciding Halloween themed wedding ideas for your wedding, then you are planning to celebrate your wedding in a unique way. If you are planning for a wedding theme, that is exciting and would attract many visitors, then you can plan for Halloween themed ideas wedding. You can decide to play number of pranks with the visitors and your friends on the wedding, if you are planning for Halloween wedding theme ideas. You can decide a black and white wedding themefor the Halloween. The black and white colors really give a haunting outlook to the wedding.

The colors that are usually used for a Halloween wedding are black, white, orange and green. They often make the ambiance thrilling. You can still plan for many Halloween wedding theme  ideas. You can remind yourself about the horror movies and novels. You can plan for Alice in wonderland wedding and arrange for funky food, peculiar entertainment, and decorations such as cups, saucers, and kettles of odd shapes. The bridegroom can dress up like mad hatter with specs and funny hat. The bride can dress up in weird costumes and carry an umbrella. Other features of Alice in Wonderland wedding include the patterned knee socks, teal high heels, lace shawl etc. A gothic style wedding is also a perfect theme for the Halloween wedding. You can arrange for a haunted house as a wedding place and arrange for Halloween type buffet and also include boo-tinis.

If you thinking of Halloween wedding theme  ideas, then you must create a dark room with old fashioned furniture, so that the visitors feel that they have entered into an antique land. You can arrange for pumpkin carving contests because carved pumpkins easily scare away others. Or else, you can arrange for a jack-o-lantern contest also. You can arrange for a murder mystery movie by arranging for a projector. You can enact a play and ask the visitors to guess the murderer.

Arranging for a costume party is also a great fun and the visitors can dress up in various ways such as zombies, witches, ghosts, etc. Halloween themed wedding decorations can be yet interesting, if you arrange for various competitions and games. You can arrange for a Halloween contest of a literary characters and the best dressed character wins the best prize. You can display a horror and a thrilling movie on the projector screen. You can hence enjoy a Halloween wedding party.

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