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Green Wedding Theme, The Choice Of Eco-Friendly People

There are a lot of people in the world who are eco-friendly and love green. These people who are conscious of green color also like to put this color in their wedding and get a green wedding. People now days have started to change their ideas and habits to get a way of living that is more and more eco-friendly. One way of this is to plan and conduct a wedding with green color in mind. This idea works very well for the people who love and admire the green color.

All the green ideas are summed up into a green wedding theme for the eco-friendly people on their wedding ceremony. Everything on these weddings has an essence of green color in it to depict the taste of people arranging the ceremony. The first thing in this regard is the ring of wedding. The traditional blood diamonds are to be replaced with vintage rings or estate rings or even the wooden bands to give a bit natural and green look. Location also matters a lot in a wedding ceremony. So, in a green theme, the location of wedding must also be very natural and beautiful with the nature all over.

The next thing is the wedding invitation themes should always go along with the actual wedding theme. So, in a green wedding theme the invitation cards must also depict the green theme. Therefore, the use of non-tree or recycled paper can be the best option for a green wedding. The printer used for the printing of these invitations must avoid hazardous processes as well as inks and give it a natural appearance. The parties of wedding like the bachelor party should also have the green theme with everything green used in it. In foods, you can go for wine, organic foods and organic beer.

The dress is one of the most important things to be considered in a wedding ceremony. So, to make your wedding a perfect example of green wedding theme, the dress selected for the day must have some green touch in it. It not only enhances the green theme but also provides the bride with a glow of green fresh color. The dress of wedding can be donated or given or charity after the ending of wedding ceremony. This goes for a very good cause thus fits with the green theme of wedding. All the decorations made for wedding must also be with different shades of green to further enhance the theme.

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