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Greatly Successful April Fools Ideas

If you are getting bored and surfing internet for no reason then this is your time to do something useful constructive, naughty and obviously fun. 1st April is round the corner and if you have forgotten about April fool then I must remind you that the season of pranks and naughtiness is simply on its way. The clock is ticking rapidly towards 1st of April and if you are empty-handed and empty-minded then you urgently need to look into few greatly successful April fools ideas to try on your friends. Kill the boredom for now as you have got a goal to accomplish so surf the internet on purpose and jot down all the great ideas of April fool on your note book.

The best way to plan pranks is by doing it in a customized manner and you can do it by jotting down the names of all your friends and family members who you want to fool. Make a list of the names and then surf internet for the April fools ideas. Assign each of the best idea in front of the name of the person and make sure to assign that idea only which is practicable on the person you are assigning it to. The April fool’s day makes everyone more conscious about the pranks so make sure that you note down the ideas which are unidentifiable and clever.

If one of your friends has got a car then you can add color in the liquid of the windshield cleaning tank and when your friend will finally clean the windshield then there he will get surprised because of the mess. In the same way you can plan a prank for your sibling by setting different alarms for the early time of the morning and hiding them on different places. These April fools day ideas are the most hilarious and greatest one as they are unidentifiable and they come up as a surprise.

If you want to target your family at one point then you can put some worms in the fruit basket or hide them in the fresh apples or other fruits. Make sure that no one is around while you are doing it and then you can wait for your family members eat the fruits. Oops! Finally at one point of day all of your family members would have snacked on cute little snakes (worms). What else ideas can be better April fools ideas then these?

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