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Great Nautical Wedding Theme Ideas For Sailors' Wedding

Many people do not understand the actual meaning of a nautical wedding, well the actual meaning behind nautical wedding theme ideas relates to sailors and other sea objects such as anchors etc. Some common nautical wedding theme ideas are candelabras in the shapes of a boat and cakes with decorations of anchors, crabs and fish. This theme has everything from the food to the dresses, all relate to sailors and other things.

Decorations in this wedding theme are very unique and good-looking. Sailor knots can be around the candles as centerpieces. This is one of those unique wedding themes in which only one color can be used all over, here the prime color is blue, as it represents the sea. The table-cloths can be dark blue on which white small square cloths can be kept. White color napkins can be kept in pearl oysters. The table numbers can be written on something simple. Dolphins or other beautiful things can be kept as decoration in the middle of the table. Chair décor also can be blue with some white touch to it. Plates can be white with blue drawing of star fish etc.

Curtains can be blue and classy. Blue and white color flowers all over as decoration. Shells, flowers, oysters, dolphins, ships, boats and anchors also can be used as decoration material. Something old, like a picture of your parents on their wedding day can be kept somewhere where everyone can see it.

Candies and sweets also can be in shapes of starfish, anchors and fish. The cake is what wins the heart of everyone when visiting a wedding planned with nautical wedding theme ideas. Many-many ideas are they that are absolutely fabulous, such as a standing dolphin tail of different colors. A cake of several layers with different sea colors and anchors, sea shells etc. for decoration. There are so many ideas in the list that not even half can be mentioned.

If there are going to be vows then something cheeky, like how a compass in their heart showed them the way to each other. Another cheeky vow is that he held his bride like a sea shell and listened to her heart.

The dress of the bride is pure white while somehow giving it a touch of the ocean. Nautical wedding theme ideas can include a wedding ring also might have some ocean’s touch. The groom also can wear something like that, having a touch of the ocean.

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