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Great country wedding theme

 Country wedding theme gives more enjoyment than a traditional wedding ceremony because it is quite different and full of fun. It offers bride and groom to arrange the marriage ceremony by their wish. In this theme the cowboy paraphanalia, country music, BBQ and the surroundings make the wedding more fascinated and more attractive. Not only this, there are unlimited country themes which you can apply in your wedding but the only thing that has most importance is the planning of the marriage ceremony. Country theme offers every participant to enjoy the party very well and the married couple also enjoys a lot.

country wedding theme

For country wedding themes first select the venue and it may be any place of your like such as park, barn or farm etc because outdoor marriage venue gives more options for the fun of guests and the bridal couple too. Arrange a line dancing floor whereas tables and chairs you can set in a different setting but for this choose enough space. The important thing of the wedding, the bridal dress would be the same but the change will be applied by the boots and cowboy hats and it would give a great look with the nontraditional touch. Flowers the important for the decoration of a wedding are used skillfully. Generally wildflowers are considered best for the same theme; daisies are also used for the arrangement.

country wedding theme 1

As we have told that the music is the main theme of a country wedding therefore hire a live country band but in case if it is not possible for you, the disc jockey idea is great substitute. When you are planning country wedding theme, first plan music and include country music for line dancing you can even get the portable dance floor for foot-stompin it is easily available in the market.  With the arrangement of the dancing floor, must hire a dancing teacher who might guide the guests to do the dance on it because in case if your guests do not know, they will be able to enjoy a party by the help of a teacher.

country wedding theme 2

In country wedding theme you have to concentrate on the menu too and you have many options for it like baked beans; potato salad and BBQ is the important item of this theme. The other included items are hamburgers, hot dogs and vegetable salad too. If you are doing the arrangement of flowers a different idea is that tie few bouquets with ribbon and put some flowers in horseshoes that will give a marvelous look to your wedding. Select country wedding theme and do lot of fun.

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