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Great April Fools Jokes To Spread Naughtiness

1st April is desperately waiting to hit our calendars because it has already waited almost a year to bombard the naughty pranks on us. You must be bored of the lazy, boring and decent life of yours and you need to recreate and refresh your life in order to be funny and lively all over again. 1st April is your day then because on this day you can take out all your frustrations and worries in shape of naughty pranks. If you are short on naughtiness then look into the great April fools jokes which will help you regain the mischievous self of you to spread naughtiness around. Hit the search engine and there you will find the naughtiest and funniest ideas to try on your friends, family and acquaintances.

The April fool’s day calls for happiness and smiles so make sure that your pranks don’t go really hard on your friends that you need to take them to hospital afterwards. Normally kids do get out of control while planning pranks however their heart is clean but their limits are not defined. So define your limits clearly and then plan as much pranks as you want and create amazingly great April fools jokes for people to laugh at.

If you are committed in a relationship and your partner thinks that you are serious and a very decent person then you have got the gear in your hands as you can fool your sweetheart so easily. You can pack a very beautiful gift for her and fill it with wasted papers and trash. You can enclose a handwritten funny April fool’s joke as well inside and then present it to her romantically. You can ask her to open it and there she will get surprised by the way you fooled her for a gift. There are great April fools day ideas available and you can always try on the best one on your friends and family.

Trying this idea on your girl might make her angry from you but that must be the best part because making up with your girl is the most enjoyable part of your life. If you become successful in your prank then it is really going to be fun while you should keep some flowers or chocolates to make up with her. Don’t forget to enclose one of the most romantic and great April fools jokes in the gift wrap for her.

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