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Gothic Wedding Theme For One Of Its Kind Wedding

You have always wanted a cool wedding since you were a teenager then go for one of the unique gothic wedding theme. This way of wedding is certainly one of his kinds but make sure you gather enough knowledge about how to organize a gothic wedding. Consult a friend who belongs to gothic culture or hire a professional wedding planner can be a better option.

Gothic wedding theme is somehow same as Halloween wedding theme and you can choose any darker color for your wedding—black, red, gold are some of the best colors preferred by gothic wedding planners. But you can choose any of your choice the main thing is that you should choose a dark color for your wedding.

Your makeup and accessories should also be of same darker color or a little different shade of same color. Decoration of the reception hall should also go along with it. You can use different things like antiques, candle stand, peacock feather, flowers of dark shades, masks etc. are some of the ideas you can choose from.

Bridesmaids should wear dark color dress same as bride and black suit with same color shirt and tie can be worn by the groom. You can get your hair also colored in same color or a lighter shade of same color. That will really give you image of gothic wedding. Black and red is one of the best colors for gothic wedding, and you can get your cake also made in this color which is as unique as your gothic wedding theme. Get your cake fully black in color and flavor and toping can be of your choice. You can get your cake decorated with red color toppings and decorate the center table with same color flowers or other mix of dark color flowers.

For this unique wedding you should choose venue also carefully and patiently. An old castle or fort can be the best place for your wedding get it decorated in an ancient style and have an unforgettable wedding; people will talk about for many years.

Another thing you can use to give it a dark and godly look is using a dark color carpet and curtains. Let different color shades curtains flow all over the venue giving a horrid look to the venue. You can blend this wedding with owl wedding, Halloween wedding or even with fairy tale wedding theme. You can take inspiration from these common wedding themes to get a unique decoration for your memorable day.

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