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Golf Wedding Theme Makes The Occasion A Real Fun For All Present At The Occasion

As you go through the wedding themes, you get stuck at the idea of golf wedding theme, especially if the bride’s spouse is the one who loves to play golf. Now, how to make the theme most memorable, well you all can design it and your best shot. You will start with the balls. One can add balls in the baskets, small white balls they look like balls, not real balls to be handed over to the guests with some sweets. Then you can use a golf cart on which the couple can travel through the lawn.

The wedding should take place in the golf lawn. Evening time is the perfect time for that. Evenings are pleasant and they look beautiful in lush green gardens. The cake can be decorated with the picture of the couple playing golf together with the green color. Small cup cakes could be served at the wedding reception designed with tadpole’s colored green. The lush green lawn can be covered with golf balls here and there.

The bride can give a love card to the husband saying that I love you for the way you play golf. In the middle of a long hanging string, there could be wordings hanging on a note saying like, the best golf player’s big day and everybody while passing buy could touch it with excitement. Small green flags could be inserted in the ground saying that best golf player weds the most beautiful woman around. Trees can be covered with small white golf balls of plastic or thin material and covered with glitter or shimmer here and there. Nothing could be more eloquent than a bridal dress which is crystal white with the green flower ring at the top to give it the golf touch. This can be coupled with green sandals of the bride to show her love for her husband who loves to play golf.

The close relatives of the bride should wear green long tussles around their arms and when the couple arrives, they should waive their hands and clap to show their enthusiasm for the newly married couple. There could be green lights on the trees, small light bulbs to enhance the ambiance of the golf wedding theme. The friends of the bride can wear green eloquent attire to add glamour to this golf wedding theme. A touch of white, green and beautiful blend of golf balls adds tremendous beauty to the golf wedding theme.

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