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Go to South Africa honeymoon see the brilliant flowers

When we finally come out from summer into the comfortable fall, while South Africa also ushered in the warm spring character a fine spring day. Every from September to November is the season of letting flowers blossom in South Africa, the three big capital charm particularly enchanting charm.


Pretoria: crape myrtle flower city

PRETORIA has been renamed Tshwane which is located in South Africa by north region is the administrative capital of South Africa. South Africa is located in the presidential palace in the city, the various countries' embassies also focused on the city street, the embassy, so in fact Pretoria, South Africa's political decision center. Pretoria was built in 1855, with Boer leader and the founder of the city of Pretoria made with their father to the statue. In 1860, it is Boer established Transvaal the capital of the republic of.


Pretoria city important street planting more than 70000 strains crape myrtle trees, each spring blooming flower of crape myrtle, city is in a piece of lilac flower sea, let a person be like into the fantastic fairyland in, so is known as "crape myrtle city" in 1999, was named the "world's most beautiful garden city. Crape myrtle flower looks very chic, coke black trunk is screw, curled up type growing flower is gentle light purple. Might as well start from the church square, along the main road church street walk along the road, looking at the history has reached one hundred bonhomie European architecture, side for 43 kilometers of lavender "China blanket", feel "Sakura snow drift" type of crape myrtle flower baptism.


Across the Pretoria city things to church street full length 26 kilometers, is the world's longest one of the street, shops and high-grade residence, become the most prosperous city with the most famous avenue. The north is South Africa's largest national breeding zoo. A city of southwest GaoShi Boolean's migration memorial hall. 45 kilometers northeast of the city has found that the world's largest diamond Kari south diamond village. City has the world's biggest correspondence college of university of South Africa. The southeast is South Africa's largest full-time university at Pretoria


Union Building

The South African government and the palace of presidential which is a momentum magnificent granite construction. It is designed by herb baker jazz

Building is located in Pretoria a hill overlooking the city in front of the building is clean and beautiful garden, garden made have different monuments and statues. Behind the building there are vast forest and shrub area, there are many birds perch.

Voortrekker Monument

To commemorate the 1838 years from the jurisdiction of the British, build up their own countries and catch the bullock cart is far away from general peninsula Boer ancestor (South Africa Dutch) and built. The magnificent building is within sight of the Pretoria, memorial hall in the hero carved elegant friezes, describe the great migration of the scene. The edge of the memorial museum has great migration period of cultural relics show.

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