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Go to New Zealand spend an amazing honeymoon

In New Zealand you can enjoy the adoptee environment and to participate in various activities of the stimulation, more special is you can board the light to do some "New Zealand type" foolish thing. clip_image002 clip_image004 New Zealand animals protected by the law, love animals has become conscious action.

New Zealand has many lakes, streams, and the river, they are wild duck son rehabilitate place. The New Zealand government expressly, every year is only a week "kill duck week", but the hunters must have arm license, otherwise it is illegal. Because there are strict rules, so ordinary people not to kill the duck, duck the son are everywhere. Often can see a tall big mother duck with a team of small son careless waddled across the road, all of the vehicles are stopped, not a car horn, just watched a group of rank in order of the duck. They may be the first time travel, appear very excited, although go too crooked, but do not lag behind. And that the mother duck is every now and then looked back and looked very majesty looked at her children. They walked a five or six minutes, only through the road. Until then, the queues team began to slowly flow up.

Put the fish back into the water clip_image005

Walking in the street of the New Zealand there are no dust, no dense smoke, so day special blue, grass green, the flower special bright-colored, so fresh. The clouds of heaven like white cotton freely back and forth. Auckland is shipping center ship dealings are like a boat, but water not only see any sundry, even a little oil pollution also can’t find. The fish in the water, underwater coral, are clearly visible. All fishing can come back with fruitful result, few have four .Too small can't catch, catch the also will be put back, this is the New Zealand government regulations, everyone consciously abide by.


New Zealand is a forest coverage rate is very high country everywhere is awaken of spring is abundant the papermaking raw materials can be found everywhere, but pay attention to the details of the New Zealand paper saving is amazing. Each of the toilet flush switch has obvious mark, after going to the "according to need to use". In the toilet of toilet paper tear up, even if very hard, a also can tear down "two units," a little "cheap" don't think of. After carefully thinking will be found, it is toilet paper holder shaft is designed to become the oval, is really unique.


Sunshine time each year more than 2500 hours of New Zealand almost no pollution, is full of green lawn. Even so, the New Zealand government still decision, all livestock farmers in the future will be for livestock emission gas tax, in order to control of atmospheric pollution.

The United Nations food and agricultural organization recently published report animal husbandry on global climate warming has a great influence. The report says, a cow from year 9 kg can form smoke pollution, the pollution level and even more than one small car. Scientists say, ruminants such as cows in the digestive process is mainly produced by the waste gas of methane.

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