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Go to African feeling grassland wild beauty

Mention Africa, will think of the general boundless grassland, and grandeur of the setting sun, and the crowds of wild animals. Number of types Hotels.com global hotel reservations experts in more and more tourists traveled to Africa, recommend African six do not miss the original ecological tour destination, let you enjoy the beauty of wild outside the city.


See the lion king "of the beast will be all together run spectacle amazing, Kenya has become reality version of the animal world, is a paradise of wild animals marseille Malawi wildlife nature reserve in the southwest Kenya, is the world's most famous wildlife viewing area, here is the wild animals of the most concentrated area at the same time, it is difficult to see African five big beast: elephant, lion, leopard, rhinoceros and buffalo often here, and has the unique and African trademark animals, hippopotamus, giraffe, antelope, wandering in the grassland, day and night. Every July to October animals great migration are millions of animals, flamingos fly for Christian, gnu crossing, etc., in the film more than even the scene, very stimulating. Here, full of mysterious colorific marseille, spear hunting (fusuma) by hogen, animal husbandry, and the vast grassland, harmony between man and nature, people and animal harmonious get along, grassland unique original culture, sunrise and sunset to the fairyland wonderful landscape, can make a city of tourists fully into the wonderful original nature, forget the sound and the worry, feel regression yuan this easy and happy.



Recommend the hotel: Mara Serena Safari Lodge

Mara Serena Safari Lodge is located in the west marseille prairie depths, near river hotel built for relief, is located in the hillside above, overlooks the whole marseille Malawi prairie. The traditional cave type cartoon architectural style, with the original natural environment harmonious be in harmony is an organic whole, into the hotel is another sort of vision and light yellow style, arc roof and the decoration of the room and so on everywhere reveal African animal cartoon color. there is no second choice. Mara Serena Safari Lodge is marseille Malawi only to provide a night drive travel to watch animal hotel, in the dead of night, jeep slowly cruised to reserve hinterland, for not to cause a nocturnal animal, can only silently looking for its haunt trace, this kind of experience, will be lifetime.


Mysterious fantasy serengeti national park is located in the east African rift valley near, is also a part of the lake Victoria, here is the oldest and most famous Tanzania national park. She pulled the valley's long grass plains is seren getty park core zone, also is the watch wild animals is one of the best place, often have the lion and cheetahs in Africa, and is the most place. And caleb the Barcelona pull along the river valley area is constantly surprise place, at any time can meet wild animals, here is also ornamental, hippopotamuses, crocodiles and elephants best regions. Park central corridor zone have case lu m lift river, the river is lush thicket and forest, the scenery is very beautiful, north of the park can lead to marseille Malawi animal reserve. The wheel cover, also have a large part of the region is solitude, like to find and stimulating for tourists can yet be regarded as excellent tourist destination.


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