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Go Classy With White and Black Wedding Theme

Picking a white and black wedding theme is itself a challenge and you can only pick this theme for you if you are challenging and crazy enough to overcome its sensitivity. While arranging a white and black themed wedding you need to be careful about putting lesser black into the wedding because using it more could give a funeral like look to your wedding and there is a chance that black color could irritate your guests out of your wedding and people could start getting frustrated. It is your wedding and be very careful that it looks like a wedding rather than a funeral, as I already said that it is a daring task but you can still make it easy and happening if you take care of few things and stick to few basic tricks.

white and black wedding theme

White and black wedding theme is a very sensitive theme but if you manage it wisely there could be nothing as classical and charismatic as your wedding. For the bridal dress strictly use a white bridal dress rather than black but on the white dress of yours put a black bow on it, or even a black lace would give the complete look to your dress .While for the table linens, dinnerware and center pieces use white colored plates and mugs rather than black and simply put a black colored design on your dinnerware over the white base and if it comes to the table linens again avoid a complete black and use a white linen with black design over it and for the center pieces avoid both colors and use red instead or any other related color would give the completeness to your decorations.

white and black wedding theme 1

You can do wonders with your wedding cake as white and black itself become magical when are combined, designing of the cake could always be better but for the black and white cake you can always go for the delicious and delightful dark chocolate cake and if you don’t like dark chocolate go for a simple chocolate or even a red velvet cake because red is there to give the completeness to your decoration while you can prepare the cake with white and black topping.

white and black wedding theme 2

To give that extra look to your wedding reception frame black and white pictures of bride and groom and make sure that frames should be of the third color you have used, let’s say red frames. When you are done with all the decorations of your wedding give your place the final look and if there is 70% white and 30% black you have done it perfectly right but if black is anywhere more than 30% try to re arrange the things to make it even better. White and black wedding theme can do wonders for you just make sure that it gives a complete look and then be ready to enjoy your grand evening in the most classical and charismatic way.

white and black wedding theme 3

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