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Go Cheeky with Garden Themed Wedding

Go back into your thoughts and think about the dreamiest way of proposing and I am sure that your thoughts wouldn’t go without flowers in it because flowers give the wholeness to any romantic proposal and the best you can do to your wedding is taking it between the true and natural breathing flowers. The point of that whole dialogue was to tell you the importance of garden themed wedding where everyone would be happy moreover alive i.e. even flowers will not have to die so what is bad in being a little responsible about the nature and be creative rather than wasteful at your grand day of wedding besides let everyone breathe, smile and pray for your day even the nature, the trees and the flowers.

garden themed wedding

Coming to the harder part of it and that is selection of colors, cake, décor and the dresses whereas the venue is obviously going to be a garden because it is garden themed wedding. Most of the brides in a garden wedding wear white color because white is a tradition and in garden it looks great too but there are greater looking colors however you can still stick to white whereas one other amazing option is wearing a light peach color and roaming in your reception like a fresh, romantic, beautiful and gorgeous flower.

garden themed wedding 1

In the décor of your garden wedding the wooden interior do great because it gets more natural look and it looks pretty as well whereas the colors for the decoration could resemble to the colors of flowers you are using and in the garden wedding the colors which could be used are pink, peach, purple and yellow. The trick to make garden wedding up to the mark is using soft and light colors which spreads divinity in your big great evening.

garden themed wedding 2

Flower girls however can wear light blues and pinks to spread out like flowers around the bride and the groom can wear the same colored tie as that of bridal dress. These all arrangements are mandatory to do but now comes the time to add extra thing and for that you can make a dance floor with flowers in it and play soft and calm music rather than rock but make sure that your guests don’t feel like sleeping so be sure to be fun otherwise one extra thing you can do is to serve the best wine in the town to your guests to give your garden wedding elegance of vintage.

garden themed wedding 3

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