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Go Casual with Thanksgiving T Shirts

Cocktail long gowns and frocks are to be worn by girls only whereas full suits are for boys. There are very few outfits which are unisex; unisex as in they can be worn by both girls and boys. T-shirts are one of the very prominent examples as the same shirt can be worn by a boy and also by a girl. However the ways of carrying a t-shirt are different as girls tend to wear it in a very stylish manner and boys tend to wear it in a bossy rather handsome manner. Here my main focus is on the fun and cozy thanksgiving t shirts which have many entertaining things printed on it.

I find the thanksgiving t shirts most exciting thing around the streets at the time of thanksgiving because almost everyone seems wearing same designs and prints with different colors or at least the slogans on the t shirts are same. The slogans tell the mood of the person as in a person wearing a shirt of ‘happy Thanksgiving Day’ is rather in a mood to greet whereas a person wearing a shirt with the tagline ‘I haven’t stolen your turkey’ is rather in a mischievous and naughty mood.

The t shirts of thanksgiving are just amazing and if I started counting the amazing slogans printed on it then it can take days of mine because there are many fabulous slogans there in the market related to thanksgiving. The coolest of the slogans are ‘I am a breast man’, ‘peace, love. Turkey’, ‘Life’s short, let’s eat the pie first’ and ‘thanksgiving is for the birds’, ‘turkey evolution’. These are the few coolest slogans related to thanksgiving whereas you can always come up with your own customized creative slogans and phrases.

However one main factor of selecting the thanksgiving t shirts is the color as colors tells about your mood, personality and attitude on the day of thanksgiving. Peach color calls for ravishing beauty, white color calls for peace, black is for boldness and grey is when you want to be really stunning. Other than the color of t shirts, you can manage the style of wearing it. There are many stylish ways of wearing t shirts whereas you can find those different styles on internet. Its thanksgiving and managing even very casual things in a unique way becomes so important and the same thing is applicable on t shirts as well. So be ready for the challenge of staying unique in a very casual manner.

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