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Glamorous Red Bridesmaid Dresses

Be unique and daring have your bridesmaid stand out. Let the bridal party be vibrant in nature and colour. No longer are the bridesmaid flowers on the wall let them be strong in colour and stand their own ground and complement the bride.
With the valentine season being big for weddings go for a red and white theme, the theme can also be used in the summer during July independence day celebrations. With the bride walking out in sensational traditional white, with a single red ruby necklace giving a splash of colour to her white dress. That’s not where it ends, have the bridesmaid come out in red bridesmaid dresses creating a contrast to the bride and enhancing the theme of the wedding.

Some might find red bridesmaid dresses as being bold and ‘loud’. Remember that the bridesmaids are just as important as the  bride. Her entourage represents her and the groom. To have in soft shades would only make the wedding bland and drab.
Be bold and daring have a wedding that everyone will remember and dresses that everyone will want. Have a little ‘Bling’ added onto the bridesmaid dresses, touches of rhinestones on deep maroons or rub red dresses, soften the red with white flowers such as orchids or white roses. With so many hues available in red, the choices are endless and the ability improvise and enhance the dresses limitless.

Red bridesmaid dresses have endless possibilities. Just changing the length will give a regal look to the bridesmaid and the bride. Creating a royal wedding appeal to the entire event. Various fabrics will offer various looks also. Using chiffon in long floor length gowns, giving elegance keeping to the traditions that  make a wedding a wedding. For those who choose to be even more daring there are numerous options available.

Shortening the dresses is a new trend, where tradition dictated that the bridesmaid dresses should be long flowing gowns. Today’s wedding shows that the concept of long flowing gowns is slowly going and the majority are opting for short knee length dresses. Giving weddings a more modern feel, breaking tradition and moving into the twenty first century.
Be bold, be daring, be unique. With red dresses for the bridesmaid, the bride shows confidence and daring and uniqueness that makes her stand out from the rest of the crowd. Don’t let tradition bog you down, be bold, go red.

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