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Give a Creative Touch to Country Themed Wedding

One of the most beautiful alternatives to the traditional weeding celebrations is a ‘country wedding theme’. If pastoral settings are what attracts you then the country theme is just fantastic idea for you. Let use tell you some of the logical steps following which you can plan for the country themed wedding. Date of Wedding First and foremost decide on the date on which you want the function to be held. Rest of the things such as location for wedding, party wear dresses, wedding cake  and even the decoration will depend on the date and time of wedding. Wedding Venue Once you finalize the date, you can move on to select the location where the occasion will be staged. As per the season, you can decide to stage the event outdoor or indoor. In autumn and spring, an outdoor location is wonderful. In winters when you witness a heavy snowfall, it is more appropriate to select an indoor location like a hotel or restaurant. However; always remember that nature has its own mood. The quietness of spring can turn to heavy downpour at any time. So make sure to have made alternative arrangements as well, where you can take your guests in case nature does not support your priority plans. Wedding venue also depends on the number of invitees to the event. Small gathering can be accommodated and served indoors but if your guest list is large, you need to stage the event in an open outdoor location. Small churches in towns are best to stage a wedding on the plans of country themed wedding. Decoration of the Wedding Place Without beautiful decoration, any wedding place looks inappropriate for the country themed wedding. Decorations are a must in themed weddings. In country themed weddings, it is the definition of the country that decides the pattern of decoration at the event place. Wild flowers, hay stacks, picket fences and whatever else comes in your mind while you think about the country are what the decoration of your place is. Show your creative talent in decorating the entire place beautifully with flowers, herbs, silk wreath or anything that you come up in your high imagination. While choosing the material for decoration, try not to overspend your money. Take a look around your home and surroundings and pick up all the material which can be used to decorate the place. The most important step in country themed wedding is personalization of your ideas. It is your ideas only that give a creative touch to country themed wedding celebrations.

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