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Gifts that Relate to Country Wedding Theme Ideas

Wedding is incomplete without giving away the wedding gifts and accessories to the guests at the occasion. We hereby present you the ideas on  wedding accessories to match the country wedding theme ideas:

  1. Miniature Cowboy Hats Miniature Cowboy hats are a divine accessory that suits the country wedding theme ideas. The cowboy hats add distinctive country flair to the occasion. The cowboy hats falls in the economical gift ideas for guests.
  2. Satin Baskets Satin baskets with ivory ribbons and metal charms are a fabulous gift for country themed wedding.
  3. Cowboy Pillow Same as that of satin baskets, the satin cowboy pillow with ivory band, metal charms and also the looped cord looks fantastic when gifted. You can match the colours of satin baskets and cowboy pillow to go well with the overall theme. Shades of black, brown and cream would be perfect to be used in these gift items.
  4. Horse Shoe Charms Horse shoe charms are a symbol of good luck. You can gift these charming good luck symbols to your friends and guests who are the witness of your most precious life moments. The antique brass finish of these shoe charms adds an incomparable impact to the country wedding theme ideas.
  5. Guest Book Country themed guest book is an item which you simply cannot ignore while thinking of favors to match the country wedding theme ideas.  It is a practical, useful and economic item which can be used at the wedding and can also be given as a gift to the attendees on the occasion.
  6. Personalized Photo Cubes Though not to everyone but this can be gifted to those who are close to you and of whom you posses the photographs so that you can use them in the photo cubes to be gifted to them.
  7. Clocks and Wine Bottles These are something that we see in our everyday lives but in a ordinary shape, design and taste. You can search for some unique designs of clocks and procure them as a gift item for the guests who attend your wedding. You can also gift the top-most branded wine bottle to the guests at the ceremony.
  8. Picnic Baskets One of the most useful things which can be presented to friends as a gift is picnic baskets. Beautifully handicraft picnic baskets are available online to be ordered by and for the ones who enjoy picnics.  

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