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A themed wedding has become a very trendy thing these days. A huge number of couples want to have a themed wedding and these themes can be from art, culture, urban or rural and sometimes comic. And this has given birth to the need of WEDDING INVITATIONS THEMES. Once you decide to have a themed wedding its not difficult to find themes for your wedding invitations too. For example if you decide to have a floral theme for your wedding you can easily get a wedding invitation which is floral. Similarly if someone wants a beach themed wedding he/she can easily get invitation cards with ocean or beach themes on them. [caption id="attachment_10997" align="aligncenter" width="550"]WEDDING INVITATIONS THEMES WEDDING INVITATIONS THEMES[/caption] You can keep your themed cards simple or you can add a flavour of your aesthetics in it as well. If we talk about someone who keeps summer as a theme for his/her wedding has a plenty of options. Lush green scenes of gardens or sunset images and ocean scenario can help the purpose. People like Autumn themes as well. For such weddings the card must be bearing photos of falling leaves on them. What else you can use are the images of horse ridden carts, pumpkins or Autumn colours brush strokes on the face of your invitation card. There are romantic people on the planet too who have a spur for movies as well. For such a wedding marvellous ideas can be taken from romantic films. Such as Titanic. In this age of technology its not difficult to exchange the face of hero and heroine with that of the bride and groom in the title picture of the film. Anyone would be happy to receive such an artistic card. [caption id="attachment_11000" align="aligncenter" width="550"]WEDDING INVITATIONS THEMES WEDDING INVITATIONS THEMES[/caption] People are in love with fruits as well. Such people can easily design their card as the cover of banana or orange. All the details and the venue can be mentioned there on that page that appears a banana covering from outside and is folded in the same way as banana is. Creative ideas include a butterfly themed wedding.  In this case colours contribute the most. The whole theme of the wedding should be in different colours and last but not the least the invitation card must bear photos of all different and glamorous colours of  butterflies There are thousands of themes for wedding but  WDDING INVITATION THEMES is a neglected part of the whole marriage ceremony. People who consider it useless can never get rid of traditional marriage code. And can never give colours to their marriages.  

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