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Get Closer to Nature with a Forest Wedding Theme

Thinking of Forest wedding theme as your wedding theme is to dare a different concept.  It is like immersing yourself into the magical world of greens under one roof. Forest theme has it all elegance, barefoot comfort, magic and wonder. Forest wedding theme helps you come closer to nature. Experiencing a live arc trees with fresh flowers which greet you at the entrance of reception venue is truly mesmerizing.     Decoration / Colors Lovely fresh plants and flower arrangement in rustic colored terracotta pots are a must if you are considering a forest wedding theme. Centerpieces can be made with fresh herbs and leaves which evoke the forest feeling. All centerpieces can be covered with moss, colorful gems, and peacock feathers.  Fallen tree limbs, leaves, ferns, moss, rocks always make stunning outlook for a forest style wedding.  Colors most suited for Forest wedding styles wedding are rustic brown, green, mossy brown or light grey. Redwood trees with light falling in the backdrop gives that elegant feeling.

Lightening Lightening is also very important part of a forest wedding theme. It needs to be twinkly and pretty. A start light canopy with lanterns or jam jars filled with blinking lights is also ideal choice for forest wedding theme. To create forest like glow adds pretty candles with moss green ribbon. LED fairy lights with crafted moss add perfect lightning exposure to the entire wedding theme. Attire The bride may wear headwear which is uniquely made as butterfly-shaped and the bride may create her dress to be butterfly-pattered lace and combine it with bunch of little daisy with flower chains on her wrist. Fairy like and airy gowns with material like chiffon also looks good and add glamour to the wedding. The groom’s attire can be mossy brown or light grey like tree bark colored suit. Food As starter thick soup with peas, celery or onions accompanied by honey wheat bread is a excellent option. Mushrooms stuffed with spinach or wrapped in beacon is ideal for Forest wedding theme. Salads garnished with edible flowers or turkey legs are also perfect. The real thing has to be cake and it can be created with designs like trees, edible leaves or small mushrooms. Baked pies presented in mason jars looks pretty as a part of sweetish. Favors Seed packets or small trees act as an ideal favor for Forest style Wedding. One can also create bird’s nest by using moss and artificial grass which guests can take home. Beautiful and colorful flowers in wooden buckets also act as perfect favor for the guests in Forest style wedding. Wooden candy bar with tasty and colorful candies in it for kids gives kids happiness in a naturally created Forest wedding theme.  

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