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Full Of Fun Western Theme Wedding Ideas

According to the different area the customs and traditions vary from each other. Eastern culture is dissimilar from western customs likewise the wedding themes are not same in all over the world. If you like western ceremony style you can use in your marriage. There are many western theme wedding ideas which have many attractions and prettiness such as Christmas wedding idea, carnival theme etc. To make marriage event in a western way some arrangements are essential like cocktail party, cowboy setting etc. Generally a western party venue is settled in an open area because of the decoration.

western theme wedding ideas

You can suggest the latest movie as your western wedding theme, the bridal dress would be as same as the film heroin and groom will dress up like the hero of the film. Long gown without sleeves are very common in west for the western bride. The hairstyle is made with several different ways and garnished with flowers and enhances the overall look of the bride. Vintage idea is also very suitable for this theme, set reception with the concept of bar and say thanks to your guests in this way. They will come and enjoy a glass of export quality wine at the entrance. Use stylish glass here and add ice cubes in it to get tremendous taste.

western theme wedding ideas 1

When you will select menu include baked beans, corn, cheese, soup because these are compulsory item of the western food. Do not forget to add a traditional wedding cake in the party to complete the look of west. Pies are also the best substitute of cake if you do not like cake choose pie of your taste. Blue and green are the specific color used specially in western marriage so apply in your plan and make your event real western. Table decoration in West is not too much different from East. Theme color table cloth with a beautiful centerpiece having flowers is the ideal and liked by all participants.

western theme wedding ideas 2

Arrange different stages for dancing in the venue and hire a musical band. It will play classical music or the music of your interest and the couples will dance. Western theme wedding ideas are most attractive and simple in adopt. A cocktail party with unique setting creates marvelous affect in the party and all of the participant enjoy more. A large bouquet of different flowers with beautiful arrangement in the hand of bride enhances the impact of western theme.

western theme wedding ideas 3

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