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Fuchsia Wedding Theme-Choose Your Favorite Color For Your Wedding Theme

Today young people are not as conservative and traditional as their previous generation used to be. Though they still love to follow traditions and rituals when it comes to weddings but young couples who are more daring and like to lead their life with their own style and passion; they like to experiment and bring a new taste and look to their wedding. To begin with they start experimenting with their favorite color, if they don’t want to follow plain and simple white wedding theme for their wedding day then they dare to choose their wedding dress in their favorite color.

Simultaneously they go for matching decoration too. Color theme weddings are getting popular day by day. These weddings bring surprise not only to the family but for the guests also. This is quite interesting and surprising to go to wedding parties and see yet new arrangements for wedding.

When everything is going through change why not wedding rituals too, at least we can play with color if not wedding’s basic rituals and traditions. If fuchsia is your favorite color then go for fuchsia wedding theme this color really suit to fair skin and make an extraordinary wedding color. This color is in abundance in nature too, you can get many flowers of this color and it goes beautifully with white and golden. It makes a nice contrast with white wedding dress and flowers.

It is one of the sexiest colors you can choose for your wedding costume and modern decoration to light up your wedding. You can go for white cream cake with fuchsia color toppings on it. Reception hall can be decorated with this color flowers and candles. You can mix even with golden, silver and other bright colors also with this color.Another nice thing about the fuchsia wedding theme color is that it goes really well with footwear too. Shoes of fuchsia color also look beautiful and you can match your wedding dress with this same color shoes too with transparent or fair skin stockings.

If you prefer you can go with blonde hair and golden or silver jewelry too. And if you don’t prefer these precious metals then no worries, this beautiful color will go beautifully well even with pearls and diamond too.

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