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A picture of the Eiffel Tower or a fleur-de-lis shape will automatically send the message to your guests that yours is going to be French wedding theme. There are some old French customs that are still brought to life within modern French weddings. Here are some of the few. We are used to the weddings where the guests are first sited awaiting the bride. But for a complete French wedding theme, there is usually a march that is headed by a musical band playing a variety wedding songs. There are some specifications to this procession. The bride and her dad closely follow the musicians and the friends and relatives march on behind the bride. The groom together with his mother is the last at the march. The bride must cut a few white ribbons as she passes hence plan ahead to have them tied at strategic points this is considered as a sign that they will overcome any challenges in their marriage life. The procession does not have to be long a distance. French wedding theme While exchange vows, the bride and groom are supposed to sit on two velvet chairs beneath a silk canopy. The two will be adorned with a silver veil, square in shape as they receive the final blessings. This is not the regular habit where the bride and groom recite their vows while standing. If any of the first two mentioned traditions for a French wedding theme are not pleasant to you, then you must have the “Croquembouche”. This is a traditional French wedding cake made of small sized pastry puffs filled with cream arranged to form a pyramid shape and then covered with shiny smooth finishing made from sugar and caramel. You can have this cake as the main cake serving or it can be an additional to the conventional tiered cake. The menu should include macaroons, chicken served in wine and beef stew. Have the waiters serve the food French style where by every guest serve themselves from a common tray offered by the waiter. Those are some of the characteristics that make French wedding so exceptional and if you incorporate all of or any of the above mentioned marriage customs in to your modern day wedding your French wedding theme will be  a success story and will be a memorable day to you two and those in attendance. French wedding theme

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